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We provide our clients with the technical and business blueprint to ensure a rapid and cost-effective Drone deployment policy. Our expertise in developing the infrastructure that will both save money and enable new world-class business models is unique.


We run one of the most advanced Drone Pilot Certification programs in the world ensuring that all our pilots know how to get the most of their drones in order to better achieve their employers operational and business objectives.

During the past decade…

We have been gaining unique real-life expertise in over 200 projects spannig the globe.
Today our experience in all aspects of drone technologies and their implementation within private and public bodies is unparalleled.
Geofoto s.a

Technical Coaching for Urban mapping

Supporting Quality Assurance in Projects of Aerial Triangulation in the framework of the updating of the maps of swiss cities.

Bart Ingenieure

Implementation of drone services to monitor natural hazards.

Dispose of rapid situational awareness to serve virtual simulations and asset the danger of risks of flood, landslides and avalanche threats.

AEMME Surveying

Technological Mentoring to implement business services.

Building the Fundamentals of a Photogrammetry Academy for a drone brand market.

PTS Photogrammetric Training School

Mentorship to implement a national UAV schooling program.

Deploying the Winning Drone Coaching plan to get from 0 to Profitable Business in 7 steps.

National Planning Authority

Professional Services to EU aid for the Ministry of Transport.
Training and Coaching to integrate drone and satellite sensors imagery and processing in the national GIS platform.

CHQ Malta Police Force Dept. of Criminology

Professional Services in the framework of EU funds for Malta

Professional Training to use Drone technology for Crime Scene Investigations and Forensic Applications

TopGeocart srl

Expertise support for UAV/RPAS Technology implementation.

Setting up of a drone program to supply at the National State committee of Land Registration

National Centre of Geodesy and Cartography

Implementation Program on the Modernization of existing digital photogrammetry and map production workflows.

Training and coaching to staff of the new Digital Processing of Aerial and Space Images over the region of Samarkanda.

Geosystems France

Technological Support to rollout trainings to Northern-Africa Mapping Agencies.

Technical Training for mapping engineers to use aerial and satellite imagery to identify phenomenon of desertification and monitor actions to combat it.

Paris National Golf Club

Technical Support to implement a 3D mapping project.

The challenge to map the golf field using drone UAV imagery for special 3D Virtual Reality purposes.

CIGEX – Brasilian Army

Technical Training in the framework of the national transition to digital mapping.

Nationwide training of military tech. personnel on the technology and systems to rollout the modern digital methods for Aerial Triangulation and Aerial Surveying Projects.

UFPE Federal University of Pernambuco

Implementation of a Drone Competence Center at the University DECart department.

Training to Professors based on the “quick approach to the UAV revolution” to deploy a Plan of Master Study.

We have also helped our clients enhance their understanding and usage of drone techologies in Azerbaijan, Angola, Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Portugal, Switzerland, Egypt, Dubai, Poland, Malta, Mozambique, Rumania, Morocco, Kazakhstan and Algeria.

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