I have developed modular programs based on 10 years of work with companies and institutions around the world.

My objective is to ensure that Drone Technologies and solutions genuinely add value to their users.

The objective is to move beyond the current state whereby drone deployment programs are hindered by challenges and problems to the optimum state yielding clear, tangible and profitable results.

All too often, I find myself called upon as an “emergency doctor” needing to solve acute problems with drone program implementations within organizations.

A common mistake made by companies and operators is an inordinate focus on the drone itself without adequate data processing structures around the drones. At times, there is a failure to understand how drones can actually change the nature of a business, and consequently, the true benefits of the drone program are not achieved or felt by the operator.

My 6-Step Program is modular in nature and takes organizations from the drawing board to full implementation. Companies can choose what parts of the program are best adapted to their needs, or alternatively opt for the full program to ensure optimum usage and success.

What we achieve together

  • Realize a better way to implement a business using drone technology
  • Acquire a far deeper understanding of the technology
  • Get new insights on applications and identify where the competition lags
  • Learn how to identify opportunities where to implement new businesses
  • Implement full technical capabilities to solve problems through drones
  • Master the art of processing data to generate the information the market requires
  • Be an expert, able to challenge the market, confident and relaxed while fulfilling projects,
  • Be able to easily finalize products possessing a higher professional quality or level
  • Ask for the right price for your offer and get paid.

Internationally Tested

6-Step Formula

Six modules exclusively designed to take the trainee to a high proficiency level in drone technology to serve the continuous new emerging markets worldwide with a successful outcome.
6-Step Formula

The Morning Light

Becoming a drone pilot
  • Evaluation of certification requirements to operate in the required application
  • Support on finding the most suitable Piloting school
  • Support on the piloting learning process
  • Support Piloting school issues at different learning levels
  • Tuning the learning activities
  • International Flying certification (in partnership with piloting schools)

Flying on sunshine

Setting-up the power of your knowledge
  • Kick-off Technical Training setup the basics

  • Transfer of fundamental knowledge required for client’s applications

  • Get the power of your sensor or application chosen

  • How to use Photography for drones

    How to use Photogrammetry for drones

  • How to acquire imagery for drone Computer Vision Photogrammetry

  • Workout of the most suitable workflow

  • Mission Preparation and Execution

    Data Collection and Processing

  • Learn Known Critical Issues and Troubleshooting

Out in the Sun

Enhancing awareness to applications
  • Application Training and Certification

  • The World Brand Ambassador Role and the Mentoring Program

  • The Pix4D Platform for multiple applications along the workflow

  • Finalizing the Platform for the user’s  application

  • Challenging inspections, mining and mapping projects

  • Advanced Training on the Tools

     Troubleshooting and Inside knowledge

  • International Certification as Proficiency User

The Emeralds’ Benefits

Discover your potentials for drone market
  • Become mindful

  • Removing the barriers preventing the natural flow of the best of us

  • Explore the unique talents, strengths, skills and interests

  • Identify the most suitable ability to perform the proper application and business

  • Protect your shine

  • Discover your genius and put it to work

  • Take the leap to innovative thinking

  • Generate new ideas that will breathe new life into the future work

  • Make up you calling to business

  • Explore where implement your call to drone’s technology

  • Find the best application of the usage of drones suitable for your vocation, skills and capabilities

  • Identify the achievable markets suitable for the candidate potentiality

  • Create a new demand in non-competitive markets with applications where to achieve higher profit

  • Workout the unique business solution where apply the drone technology with reliability, success and profitability.

The Rubys’ Benefits

Implementing a unique drone business
  • Analyze the selected challenges to use the drone as working tool

  • Workout a Business scenario, Financial Requirements, Implementation Steps, Technical Requirements.

  • Implement the technological and business paths to achieve success

  • Implement and put in place the right solution according to the specific needs.

  • Define the unique possible solutions properties and constraints

  • Tune the expectations with the possible objectives

  • Define the professional workflow and the required tools to acquire

  • Select what hardware and Software corresponding to the professional use for which they are truly intended to be

  • Evaluate other costs that may be required to integrate, subscriptions, automated flight applications, processing software or different sensors

  • Evaluate legal, technical and commercial constraints that arise

  • Support the business model, strategy and technological investment

To the Top

The Diamond Professional Program
  • Promoting the strength of the acquired professional capability through a 1:1 direct mentoring and coaching program along three months applied to daily projects and technological challenges finalized to the success of the business.
  • Working with you to finalize your professional success and business profitability. Learning by doing
  • Starting Projects and producing data.
  • Direct Investigation on projects
  • Additional Training for the team, implementing skills.
  • Lifetime access to Drone To Business Live Group MasterClasses

B2B Piloting Schools – Drone Technology Schools

I empower drone technology and piloting school to prepare training suitable for the application challenges of drone technology and prepare world-class drone pilots able to finalize their capability of flying with a drone to cover suitable and profitable market applications.

  • Help in defining the new positioning strategies on the local market
  • Define excellence points to stand out as drone piloting and business education school
  • Definition of technical topics that allow to provide education for the purpose of marketing product promotion.
  • Evaluate the blocking paradigms for the market to grow as supplier of solutions related to drone technology.
  • Preparation of training courses for the use of drones and application software, current and differentiated in the market.
  • Prepare and run a series of Webinars dedicated to promotion and training topics.
  • Preparation and execution of certification program for application of drone technology and software.

B2B Technical Marketing and business implementation

Help distributors and professionals in the Drone Industry to implement a strategy to introduce the acquaintance of their drone products in the market and set them apart from competition.

The challenge is to attract new clients and get the clients’ confidence through knowledge dissemination and implement a successful market around training sessions from basic to advance to mentoring one to one

  • Evaluate actual situation of the local market
  • Defining the new positioning strategies on the local market
  • Define excellence points to stand out as distributor/professional
  • Provide inside knowledge and connection to leaders thanks to my ambassador role
  • Workout up-sales and down-sales of products suitable for their clients
  • Certified User and Trainer proof to master the tools
  • Webinar, Seminar and Strategy for the marketing team

B2C Drone Pilots and Drone Application Professionals

Through my training and coaching services the Drone Pilots get a better understanding of the best tools available in the market to generate more suitable data and finalize that for a growing in their market capabilities.

  1. A preparation seminar of 3 hours
  2. A UAV business coaching and training sessions of three days
  3. Preparation to the Official Application Software Certification Exam
  4. Support during the execution of the Exam

I’m giving an overview on the technological concepts of the Industrial revolution 4.0

I’m describing the impact of using drone technology to challenge IR.4.0 opportunities

I’m showing pilots how to finalize their skills and capabilities of piloting a drone

I’m showing how to find newer applications on which implement newer and profitable business solutions

I’m offering an inside look to understand the drone technolog

I’m offering a training to master the world leading software platform

I’m offering a training to prepare for the certification program and support the execution of the exam