I promote innovation in the Drone Industry by sharing a lifetime of engineering excellence and global business development with a new generation of entrepreneurs and professionals

Emanuele Traversari

Emanuele Traversari | Geomatic Engineer

Founder of Drone To Business
Global Thought Leader on Complex Drone Deployments

I have always been performance-driven professional with a strong focus on problem solving through innovation and building great teams through the sharing of knowledge. Combine that with my passion for travelling, communicating and discovering new places and people, and that that is how I have managed complex Geospatial projects in almost 70 different countries around the world with the International and EU technical Aid programs as well as private industry Leica Geosystems CH, ERDAS USA and Hexagon Geospatial CH.

It has been a great journey and I have had the amazing good fortune to work closely with great professionals in so many different cultural environments. It also gave me the opportunity to fulfill a wide-ranging set of mandates from working closely with sales teams to review customer requirements and implementing solutions to key clients and large distributors. I participated product R&D to programs such as ORIMA, ADS, LPS. My professional journey also got me involved in quality control, knowledge transfer, training programs as well as present solutions at International Trade Shows and Exhibitions.

However, over the past decade, I have been putting my background in Geospatial Engineering to the good use in the fast emerging UAV technologies. I discovered my new passion and started working with the biggest and best European players in this field. During this time I had the possibility to get first-hand knowledge on where the industry was heading and best practices. It has become my primary business allowing me to complete projects around the world, promote training programs in these new technologies and software, speak at conventions, participate in trade shows, and more.

As a thought leader on drone usage and the integration of UAV programs into complex ecosystems, I have developed a holistic approach to ensuring successful deployments. I draw on a rich and diversified 360° career that allowed me to understand the importance of every detail of a client’s operation and how each moving part impacts the final function and objective of the drone within the context of a larger deployment.

Whether in South or North America, Europe, Asia, Russia or Africa, I have been tirelessly promoting excellence and best-practices in this emerging sector in order to help an ever growing number of companies understand how best operationally integrate drones so they become profitable and add value to the company as a whole.

My other passion in life is the gastronomy from my home country, Italy! As a serious aficionado and amateur chef, I am a promoter of Italian Traditional Cuisine through “Mai Solo Dolce…” cooking lessons and am a regular contributor of articles on Cuisine and Tourism for International Magazines.

Career Highlights

Geomatic Engineer: Over 25 years of experience working as specialist in the field of Photogrammetry, Mapping Production, Remote Sensing, GIS Systems and Integration of Related Technologies, IT background, Advance Computing.

Customer Relations Expert: Solving projects in almost 70 countries in the world and always ready to take on fresh responsibilities, so that could get the chance to create a career suitable for technical as well marketing and commercial challenges.

Trainer: Skilled and possessing vast experience and knowledge of the full production chain in the area of geospatial industry, including professional formation, preparation of technical sales and distribution channels. Training on the job with good interpersonal and communication skills using simplified procedures to make any difficult matter understandable and easily achieve production results.

International Consultant in the framework of Technical Co-operation Projects in Africa and of EU-PHARE Aid Support to Eastern Europe Countries and in Central Asia.

Working in the Framework of the Leica Geosystems companies in Switzerland.

Leica AG Photogrammetry and Metrology Photogrammetry Division in charge of new Digital Software

Leica Geosystems GIS and Mapping Photogrammetry and Geospatial Division – restructured Implementing Digital Photogrammetry and the ORIMA digital triangulation software in the world.

LH Systems

Join Venture Leica Geosystems CH and BAE SYSTEMS  San Diego USA

Development of the New Airborne Digital Sensor and of the new technology Airborne Lidar System. Part of the team for World premiere and technical services worldwide.

ERDAS – American Remote Sensing Software Leader, bought by Leica Geosys. Implementation of new LPS Photogrammetry Software.  Part of the team for World premiere, Product Specialist and technical services worldwide.

Hexagon Geospatial new reality created by the new owner of Leica and ERDAS. Hexagon. The geospatial division is in charge of Photogrammetry Software and Geospatial Applications worldwide. Product Specialist and Technical Sales Services

Hexagon Leica Geosystems back to support the technical writing of the new Mobile Mapping Pegasus II  products – User Manuals

Technical Support Manager and Technical Sales Manager for the whole Italian Territory. Working for the Italian Distributor and Selling Swiss Kern Photogrammetry Instruments. Challenging and supporting the Technical implementation and transition of the industry to digital mapping and to National Digital Cadaster.

A two years Expatriate Assignment as Expert to implement the digital surveying and mapping activities at the Ministry of Transport in Zimbabwe in the framework of a “Setting up a road design center” donation of Italian Aid for development.  Expatriate project as project manager to “Define the Conceptual Design of the Land registration System” in Hungary in the framework of the EU Phare program to support the transition of Hungary from socialism to free economy.

Professional Track Record

International Consultancy for Technical Business Development

Topocart, Brasilia: evaluation of the production workflow related to Image Acquisition, Photogrammetry, Mapping and QC issues in order to successfully achieve ISO Certificate. Deep use of INPHO Match suite, Vexcel ULTRAMAP software and DAT/EM Summit Evolution with AutoCAD.

Instituto de Cartografia da Aeronáutica, Rio de Janeiro: advance training on today’s Aerial Sensors and related Aerial Triangulation Issues.

Leica Geosystems – Airborne Division – Heerbrugg CH

Quality Assurance for R&D of new Airborne Mid-Size Sensor Technology.

Leica Geosystems Geospatial Imaging – Erdas Units – Heerbrrugg, CH

Technical Services Engineer for Distributors and Key Customers, Worldwide.

Product Expert for Leica Photogrammetry Suite and do test and training of the IMAGINE Remote Sensing Suite, including RADARSUITE, AUTOSYNC to automatically geo-reference imagery, DELTACUE for change detection and OBJECTIVE for automatic data collection on emulating the human visual system of image interpretation.

Nevertheless, meanwhile technology was evolving I had the duty to keep contacts and give support to customers of older Leica and LH-Systems photogrammetric equipment and even supporting the Airborne Sensors Division.

In charge of presenting and demonstrating for the world introduction of the new Leica LPS software at the ISPRS International Conference in Istanbul 2004. Active work with the Leica Geosystem Geospatial Imaging World Sales Team to promote the new photogrammetric products’ line in several seminars.

Transferring the product and application Know-How to world colleagues and train them in new Leica/Erdas product line, including ORIMA and Microstation/PRO600 Training at Asia Pacific Support Team, Singapore 2005 and 2007 and Leica Work- shop and Training for European Support Team Members and Leica Key Distributors, St.Gallen CH 2006

Promote and Support at the Customers’ Sites the transition from former equipment to the new LPS Hardware and Software. Including Digital Photogrammetry Training on the Transition at Ethiopian Mapping Authority, Addis Abbaba, Ethiopia, end of 2003 and 2005 as well as Transition and upgrades at National Mapping Agency, Tashkent Uzbekistan, 2004 and 2006.

Increase the Technical Sales Support by challenging the growing techniques of Radar Remote Sensing and organizing technical conferences on Radar Technology and ERDAS software solutions as requested by Regional Sales managers, including Al- maty and Astana, in Kazhakstan 2008.

LH Systems GmbH – Heerbrugg, CH

Technical Service Engineer for Europe Middle East Africa and Asia for Airborne Sensors, GIS and Remote Sensor Applications and Software.

Member of the technical team who introduced the new ADS sensor with Gpro at ISPRS Amsterdam 2000 and I got involved with the new Lidar ALS Technology since the acquisition of Horizon Technology. I executed Test flights, Benchmarking and Training (including Terrasolid software with MicroStation). The product portfolio included the BAE Socet Set software suite, ORIMA aero-triangulation for Digital Sensors along with Applanix GPS Post Processing software.

Leica AG Photogrammetry Unit – Unterentfelden, CH

Customer Support Engineer for Leica Worldwide Photogrammetric Market.

Working with R&D to test and implement new software (i.e., ORIMA and PRO600). Developing technical documentation, manuals and procedures. Benchmarking of solutions as well as Integration and evaluation of complex hardware and software systems according to customer projects, including networking, data structure and workflow optimization.

Working directly with clients and distributors in problem-solving and responding to telephone, e-mail, and web technical support requests. Participating to International Conventions Tradeshows and Exhibitions.

Extensive global travel for installation, support and training activities for various photogrammetric hw & sw systems, SDs Analytical Stereo-plotter as well Digital Photogrammetric Workstations, which often involved solving specific workflow- oriented technical problems requiring a customer-oriented approach to all aspects of the job.
FISIA Sistemi Ambientali SpA – Torino, Italia

Project Manager, one year expatriate – Budapest, Hungary

Taking Care of the EU PHARE “Conceptual Design of Computerization of the Land Offices” Project at the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Hungary.

Foster Wheeler Italiana S.p.A. – Milano, Italia

Senior Surveyor, two years expatriate Harare, ZBW In the framework of the Italian International Aid Project “Setting up of a Road Design Center” at the Ministry of Transport of Republic of Zimbabwe

Training on the job a group of surveyors, technicians and key managers of the MoT The transfer of technology included working with an external Aerial Photography Company, then working in the field for extended period with the surveyors, later on changing the team in the office to complete geo-processing and the mapping data collection using AutoCAD for road design standards.

Koh.I.Noor Hardtmuth SpA – Milano, Italia

Kern Swiss Technical Consultant and Manager of Italian Photogrammetry Market Sales of Kern Photogrammetry Equipment with a year budget of 1mil. USD Director of Technical Services with a team for hardware and software support Presales activities taking care of benchmarking and promoting Kern equipment nationwide.

Zollet Ing. Belluno – and – AERMAP, Firenze, Italy

Analogue and Analytical Photogrammetry Expert. Aerial Triangulation and Digital Data Collection with Wild RAP and Kern DSR1 Pioneering the regional mapping database structured in 3D

Academic & Certifications

Erdas HQ, Atlanta USA

Advance Studies in Radar Technology and Software Applications

ITC International Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation Enschede, NL –

MSc Course in Geographical Information Systems

Università La Sapienza – Roma, Italia

Advance Studies in the Theory of Orthophoto Production

ITC International Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation Enschede, NL

MSc Course in Remote Sensing

Horizons HQ, Westford USA

Advance Studies in Lidar Theory and ALS technology processing

Ecoles Polytechnique Fédérales de Lausanne, CH

Advance Studies in Digital Photogrammetry

IGM Istituto Geografico Militare – Firenze, Italia

Master Cerificate at Surveying and Photogrammetry Technical School

SSPO Swiss School for Photogrammetry – St.Gallen, CH

Master certificate in Photogrammety

Italian High School for Surveyors – Treviso, Italia

Bachelor Certificate for Professional Surveying

Professional Courses:

2000-09 Continuous Courses and Short Seminars from external professionals in different fields.

Supported by by Leica/Erdas to improve way of speaking, business relations, project management.

Applanix Corp. Canada.

Basic and Advanced courses on GPS, IMU and INS Post Processing Software, held in Switzerland.

Terrasolid Ltd, Finland

Basic and Advanced courses on TerraModeler software, held in Switzerland

1995-00 Bentley Systems Inc.

Basic and Advanced courses for MicroStation CAD package

1994-98 Microsoft Corporation

IT courses for System Administrator Windows NT Operating System

1985-87 DEC Digital Equipment Corporation

IT Courses for System Administrator RT11 and VMS operating Systems

1984-88 Kern Swiss, Photogrammetric and GIS Department – Aarau, Switzerland

Continuous Courses and Tech. Updates on the Hw and Sw products, including R&D benchmarking.

1982-85 Koh-I-Noor Hardtmuth SpA. Milano

Internal Sales Training, Kick-off Seminars, Project Management sessions supported by the company.