I have a drone and can provide services. But I don’t make any money out of it 🤨

I decided to serve a niche market with a drone and I studied the way to do it.

But the prospective customers I target are not buying from me.

Answer: may revert the approach to get the WHY, the WHAT, the HOW of your business.

From mentor Simon Sinek we all learned the Golden Circle approach, which I realized is clearly applicable to the drone business as well. But we must first understand the special moment of a drone specialist when he is approaching training services.

Asking a drone pilot or anyone using drone technology to first explain the WHY of their business is not easy. The answer may explain what they are doing and the form or tools they are using that are not working enough to become profitable.

When they start to look for training services, they ask for help to first feed and answer the requirements they have in mind. They already have an idea of what to do and how to do it.  And they want to make cash as soon as possible.

Now, let see the drone technology expert approach to training services:

  • He thinks he knows already WHAT to do
  • He knows already a possible way to do it
  • He sees that way is not profitable yet
  • He wants to know HOW to realize it
  • He wants to make cash !!

If the drone technology operator already has customers, the technical training will improve its ability to serve its customers and will certainly increase revenue.

But if the drone specialist still does not have enough customers, the situation will be difficult to improve without changing the approach to customers. He has to get customers to say yes!

What drives people to make the decision to buy is an emotion.

This is generated by understanding the WHY.

The WHAT and the HOW are easy to define later.

Clarifying the HOW is rational. Explaining WHAT to do is a mixture, while defining the WHY generates emotions that lead to the decision to choose a product and buy it.

What to do then?

  • Define the core message of your content. The reason you do what you do.
  • Get acquainted with your customers’ difficulties, what are usually called “pains,” problems that need help to be solved.
  • Explain what you do to solve the problems and the uniqueness of your business.
  • Finally, explain how you do it properly and on the most appropriate way to get the customers receiving the solution and benefits they are looking for.
  • Assemble your business model, investments, and actions to be taken to define the best ROI and profit for your services.

This approach must be understood by the training team in order to come up with the unique solution that each client requires for its specific application, whether in the field of drone inspection, mapping, or agriculture or even to deploy a full drone program.

This takes some time to explain. Don’t you think so?

That’s why at Drone to Business we are ready to listen to you at no charge and evaluate the way we can help you to move up.

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