So this is Christmas And what have you done?
Another year over, And a new one just begun.

The wonderful John Lennon lyrics’ cannot highlight that our geospatial community is living an incredible important moment.

We just moved out of the COVID-19 time where Location_Data as well as Geospatial_data exposed their importance to support the fighting against the pandemic.

After more than two years the new normal is now based on a totally different geospatial world.

Leader as the UK’s Geospatial Commission set a clear strategy for a future unlocking of the power of Location. Moving forward through the exiting technology, they highlighted that:

  • Future technologies will be underpinned by data about events occurring at a time
  • Location data will be the unifying connection between things, systems, people and the environment.

Leader as the Swiss Federal Office of Topography SWISSTOPO emphasized that

  • The real world can be better represented through single dots that are tridimensionally located in a precise digital twin of the reality and they have associated an exhaustive list of attributes describing their characteristics.
  • The new generation of users, the digital natives have a totally different approach of making use of geospatial data since they never learnt mapping and its meaning as previous generations did.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have all have been working to absorb and adapt to the challenges and act with resilience to move successfully forward.

We had to move away from personal contacts to virtual business to show the world for human and business purposes. Facing a seemingly inexorable series of disruptive behaviors and technologies to finally set new strategies worth to create new value for our “new normal”, today a totally different world.

There is where we are standing now:

  • Working to make the real-world Digital, an accurate Twin, 3D, Virtual, Immersive and finally again GIS to analyze it through new disruptive ways and filters.
  • Setting Common Purposes and Clear Communications, Develop a Culture that empowers people, Implement the proper technology, Set a structure to use Data and Generate new insights to Allow Rapid Decision Making and finally get a better world.

That is the power of Geolocation Data and Geospatial Technology.  

Aren’t you proud to be part of it?

Therefore many new businesses already arose. Lot of clear opportunities, suitable to generate a better chance of creating more value to fuel a long-term growth of a better world.

Leaders as Mckinsey & Company forecasted that:

  • Businesses of the future could leverage digital twins—AI-powered digital replicas of people and processes—to recreate real-life scenarios before bringing products and services to market.

And training and services moves along with the requirements of the market. Implment training on top of the pyramid of values to finally provide clear benefits to the clients.

The adoption of a new technology suitable for the digital transformation outlines the need of delivering two types of trainings:

  • Understanding the Technology
  • Use it in the way it is intended to help and make the most out of it.

That make all to be SMART and put the training to a different level.

SMART Professional Training will generate the upskills to the adoption of a digital transformation, new technologies and methods. That is the challenge we have at Drone to Business.

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And for all of us, wishing all the best and Let’s take the John Lennon’s song to fade out

A very merry Christmas 

And a happy New Year 

Let’s hope it’s a good one  

Without any fear