Data from drones get a new and optimized workflow.

Using drone technology to produce 3D data has definitely stepped out of the typical workflow based on “all-in-one” desktop software.

The old-fashion desktop software includes all the features for the world of drone photogrammetry and consequently has a a high value with a price not always convenient for some users focused on a single task, i.e. mapping/vectorization.

The Swiss company Pix4D has always been a pioneer.  In my early post I mentioned the Pix4D courage to breakdown the existing well-established Pix4Dmapper software to re-vamp the algorithm and make it faster without loosing quality. Now, it presenting the new product line workflow: CAPTURE / PROCESSING / VECTORIZE

The new workflow and modules are really focused to the requirement of flying drones to produce 3D vectors. Therefore the platforms and values to invest are different than the single desktop solution. That can really simplify the work and improve the ROI for the user.

Congrats to Pix4D for the energy to move out of the well established desktop software and provide the market with new solutions.