The COVID-19 outbreak effected every aspect of human beings and it started the engine of a new digital world builder.

Corona Virus Pandemic became a great enabler of all digital technologies organized during the Industrial Revolution 4.0.  Here the first results:

  • In within a month the management of information became centralized at world level.
  • Digital Connectivity became important for prevention of the pandemic as well as to allow the continuity of our regular lives.

Nevertheless, lot of us still thinking that soon all that will be over, and we can go back to our normal life, not really. The digital world is about to change our future NEW NORMAL.

  • Digitalization of all. Digital Data is the new gold, everything needs to be digitalized.
  • Digital twins, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are ready to deploy unique and unforeseen experiences.
  • Quantum computer, which can handle large amounts of data at lightning speeds, will speed up innovations.
  • Data will permit Artificial Intelligence to implement a faster and more cost-efficient development of unexpected solutions.
  • Blockchain technology applied to data and processes in order to guarantee security and safe transparency.
  • Blockchain technology is going to automatically enable crypto currencies and a different approach to money and prosperity.
  • Mini satellite constellations are about to cover the whole earth in order to provide a 24/7 internet coverage anywhere in the planet.
  • The 5G communication speed is about to allow the transmission of incredible solutions to become a reality.
  • Internet of Things will make machines communicating to each other in order to be ready and do the proper job.
  • Robots can execute alone lot of boring works or even be there to directly serve humans.
  • Flying robots can make profit of working in 3 dimensional spaces.

Here we have such a great digital revolution working to create a NEW NORMAL that should be there for humans to live.

And the question would be: what is our paper to act for that kind of living?

Therefore: Connectivity to what? Solutions to what? Innovation to what? Less involvement of people in daily activities, for what?

We are humans, made to challenge our existence, using brain, soul and body. Living to create a mark of our presence in relation to others and finally love and enjoy life.

What is the future life for all of us?  Have you ever imagined it?

On that direction at Drone to Business we evaluate business opportunities for drone professionals.

On this great digital wave drones are ready to surf and provide essential services to any industry. Drones are tools among many others able to support and execute lot of works. A kind of screwdriver that can fix all, but it is a matter of the technician to know which type the purpose requires and how to use it in order to get the service properly done.

Pilots are the new heroes able to manage that. Involuntarily capable of dealing with most of the IR.4.0 technologies along with the proficiency of flying drones.

Drones had been a disrupting tool, but today we witness that they are used most to solve old services in a cheaper way: traditional surveying or eventually direct visual inspections. And finally, we have lot of drone pilots doing the same and struggling for pennies.

At Drone to Business we believe everyone has a unique capability to excel and find an application of his drone skills to implement a profitable business.

And unique is the key word to realize that.

Let’s start from the Albert Einstein’s incipit: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Therefore, at Drone to Business we assume drone professionals can go beyond that and make the change and create a unique service to their clients.

Challenging the technological skills to be updated, first.  But even more, spark your own Genius to create the unique product that will serve the NEW NORMAL in a unique way. Powerful, Innovative, and Profitable.

Creating a unique product to serve your clients and might be so innovative that can create a new market.

That is what your customers are expecting from you. And if you don’t, they will simply look somewhere else.

Mastering the present and creating something new is how you can thrive in a market where embracing change is a prerequisite to success.

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Enjoy it