The time became mature for the NASA Perseverance Rover on Mars to let the connected drone Ingenuity to fly free in the Red Planet’s thin atmosphere.

Hanging around for almost a month to discover the red planet, and now, the NASA’s team has finally chosen the location on Mars where to execute the test.

Can you imagine… for the first time a manmade drone object will try to take flight off the surface of another planet.

Ingenuity at the beginning of April will execute the test flight along a given path over a flat area with very few obstacles to potentially disturb it.

Illustration NASA/JPL-Caltech

NASA defined  the airfield,  the flight zone and the flight plan.

The flight will be around ten feet and the drone is equipped with several sensors.

  • A 30 frames a second camera to analyze the situation and inform base station about its flight and other sensors to make minute adjustments keep itself safe, particularly from winds and gusts.

This is a unique historic moment and even very exciting for all of us caring of the drone technology.

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