Drones Fly Free, according to rules of course, and what about ethics. Are you aware of that?

The AI4EU, Artificial Intelligence for European Union laboratory cares about the ETHICS behind the usage of IR40 technology, Artificial Intelligent, Autonomous Devices, Drones. May go deep in the event “ETHICS OF CONNECTED AND AUTOMATED VEHICLES”  and have look at the report.

“The acquisition and processing of static and dynamic data by CAVs should safeguard basic privacy rights, should not create discrimination between users, and should happen via processes that are accessible and understandable to the subjects involved.”

The “Drone to Business” first contribution to AI4EU goes back to the article THE UPTAKE OF DRONES WITHIN SOCIETY: IS IT WORTH THE CHALLENGE? 

Today we keep on promoting ethics matters for a clear respect of everybody while implementing a disrupting technology like drones… potentiality going anywhere.

Training is not only how to fly, process, take your money and run away

but instead

How to fly and process while caring of the others freedom, privacy and rights. Leaving your positive MARK to the community.

That is to promote and training disruption in democracy