Imagine entering a journey with our outfits being replaced as we learn new tools to create the New Normal. Innovating with digital tools is the actual requirement, but in the meantime we should all fulfill the daily needs, don’t we?

We all recall how Industrial Revolution 4.0. brought together digital technologies to prepare the way for a new productive world.

A big shift that the COVID-19 crisis has accelerated. What an incredible race!

We know lot of us who did not realize the historic momentum. They had been trying to restore the past, back to the NORMAL, without seeing how to renew themselves, and in the end they found themselves left behind. Struggling to move forward.

On the other hand, the need to adopt that innovation is creating a curve of opportunities that soon will be exponential while most of the old ways of doing will enter the phase-out path.

A concept demonstrated by the very doom of the typewriter when computers arrived and clearly explained by the Wright’s Law.

However, let’s focus on our business world.

The requirement of data, geospatial locations and flying robots are leading the way. In the meanwhile, Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing are working to create new scenarios with blockchain security.

Nevertheless, COVID-19 broke down lot of businesses and several people are facing uncertainty.

Therefore, at Drone to Business we have implemented a direct channel for you to Talk to Experts.

A kind of First Aid support for drone professionals. Chat either technically or from a business point of view.

Just reserve a moment of a coffee break to get in touch and explain your story.

The bad you already have it, now you can get a broader view to go further along with your solutions to the market.

Enjoy it!