👉 It is expensive….
Talking about value of training services. But, what are we delivering?
Great example comes from the cognitive pyramid.

🟥 You tube videos can be considered as data to know… small value

🟥 Training courses may be already Information… large value to execute, a higher paid services

🟥 Coaching to create knowledge, able to understand and predict how and what… a useful service with an improved value to deliver

🚀 What is next?
To decide, Take action? the boss does it….
Great value to deliver and his compensation is $$$$

Shall we… think about when taking training on today’s disrupting technologies, drones, geospatial…. what I learn is the value of what I can invoice later on.

👉 Great on the fly reply from the Planetek Italia friends.

The cognitive pyramid concept appleid to satellite data values. Thanks João Pedro Fernandes 🙌

🙌 Credits to Simera Sense in his original publication from 2020.


Thank you João Pedro Fernandes to share this publication where we can clearly focus the issue:

👉 How a sample data becomes information and finally knowledge for the benefits of end user
👉 That is the way the value increases

📍The paradigm for training/coaching/mentoring is:
– to get to know something,
– to be able to use it correctly,
– to challenge it and make it profitable