Let’s move a step forward.

Tuning our needs to a unique requirement: inspections with drones.

Bearing in mind that 10 years ago, the drone technology disruption introduced a new word in the previous existing workflow: JUST (unfortunately)Just fly to acquire images, just process to create good looking 3D data, just send digital results to clients who were willing to pay… just few pennies. That pioneer phase is over and today it is clear that the JUST is redundant and we need to care about it. To use a unique APP to make our drone flying either for inspections or mapping is good because simple to learn once. Moreover, having a unique software to process our drone images for multiple applications, mapping, inspections, agrobusiness, is also good and apparently cheaper. However, because the software is expected to do a lot, its purchase value is high and we may not get a quick return on the investment. And frankly speaking, most of the time we don’t even use all tools and its full potential, do we? Additionally, multipurpose flight or processing software are generic and may not cover in full the requirements of critical applications, as appropriate. In Brazil there is a way of describing that… it is like a duck, it walks but is not really able to walk, it runs but is is not really able to run, it flies but is not really able to fly. You got the point, don’t you? 

Let’s see how to improve the workflow and have a better Return on the Investment.

New trend for drone inspection solutions is to have tools that are focused on the purposes. The first on the line has been the Swiss brand Pix4D that broke down the original all purposes Pix4Dmapper software to create new modern modules with new investment plans. So it is, removing all that is redundant and apply the best of actual high-tech to speed up the process and get real quality data to finally inspect. Therefore we have a better workflow:

  • A flight planning APP that defines how many images are needed for that specific object and can guide the drone to really SCAN the object collecting all images that are required to properly reconstruct that specific object in 3D.
  • A dedicated cloud processing software to do a clear reconstruction in 3D using artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms to automatically produce clean data.
  • Tools to permit the inspection either in 3d in the cloud or/and INSPECT details on the images.
  • An easy to understand report for final client to act.

Here we have now a clean workflow to accurate produce data in less time and with better quality. Then distribution to client is faster through web services and the ROI, Return on the Investment is clearly improved.

That is along the message we support for our students: broad your mindset to solve problems and provide a unique solution to the market.

Then the value leads to profitability