Web3 is a decentralized application platform that allows for users to interact directly with each other without the need for a third party.

A decentralized online ecosystem based on blockchain and crypto currency.

Thanks to the blockchain technology Web3 can provide greater security and privacy than traditional web applications.

And that is the challenge for Geospatial Information to be generated with an independent system and later distributed in a safe and reliable method with clear value added to it.

Web3 is the third era of the internet

  1. Web1.0 was the beginning of the World Wide Web. Back to the ‘90s. It was defined by decentralized protocols and individual users. The websites were static webpages, and the vast majority of users were consumers, not producers of content.
  2. Web 2.0 is the current one, where platforms and apps are owned by centralized entities, such as large tech companies, Google, Amazon, Facebook. They can be enriched by user-created content uploaded to social media and network services.
  3. Web 3.0 replaces the centralized entities with decentralized networks that distribute the content, significance and meanings to creators, users, and developers. Moreover, blockchain and cryptocurrency are adding security and value to content.

Bloomberg said   “Web3 would build financial assets, in the form of tokens, into the inner workings of almost anything you do online”.

Web3, also called Web 3.0, is still in its infancy stage, but soon we are going to have a new way of using the web more user-friendly and secure than what we have today.

The Web3 architects envision an internet where Mark Zuckerberg would rule over the web just like anyone of us. It is based on the idea of a fully decentralized interconnected network system that allows us to read, write and own parts of those networks. Furthermore, websites will be able to interact directly with each other, without the need for intermediaries like today’s big players Amazon, FB, Google….

And Web.3.0 goes along with Metaverse

The metaverse is a concept of an online, 3D virtual space where the Internet or Virtual Worlds will merge and integrate directly into our lives, and we will be able to interact with it seamless through AR/VR, AI, Avatars and more digital stuff. Therefore, connecting virtual worlds and users in all aspects; users, as well as services and utilities.

And that is where drone technology enters the game.

Imagine Web.3.0 and Metaverse technologies implemented to generate missions and projects that require controls, security and value to de delivered to users.

  • Drone Flight Space Control
  • Drone mission planning and execution
  • Data Processing, quality control and security
  • Data delivering, invoicing and payments
  • Data sharing and Implementation of the project challenges

Web3-based applications and Metaverse might be something we should look into and get involved with if we want a secure, trustworthy and even fancy way to do business online.

And doing all that while cutting out the middleman in the production chain and build more trust with customers.

Stay tuned, Drone to Business is also working on that !